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           Here are a couple of other recordings I’ve made; both are now out of print but I still have a few of each for sale...



     In 1993, the Maine Composers’ Forum put on a music festival that included a recital of new string quartets by our members, performed by the Vanadium Quartet, four fine musicians who had gotten to know one another at Eastman. Two of us took advantage of the opportunity to get this spirited young ensemble to make this cassette recording: myself and ragtime pianist-composer Glenn Jenks. (First violinist Jennifer Elowitch would go on to be the co-founder and co- director of the Portland Chamber Music Festival, now in its 12th season.) Glenn’s quartet is self-explanatory; mine has been characterized as “a neoclassical work informed by Dvorák on a slow day plus a soupçon of Handel after a long evening at the coffeehouse.” For

five bucks (such a deal!), find out for yourself — and hear Glenn’s piece in the bargain. The cover art is by Maine Maine artist Janice Anthony; for more of her work, see her website:

Fire in the Garden (cassette only, Bonnie Banks BB107C [1993]): $5.00


     Back before garage bands there was what Martin Mull called “the Great Folk Scare of the 60s” and you could get an album made just by persuading a record company that it could sell 500 copies. My brother Alex and I sharpened our pencils, strapped on our banjos and came up with this surreal little musical drama, which featured some translations he’d done from the Hittite ver- sion of the Gilgamesh Epic while in graduate


school. and invited a bunch of friends from our Wednesday-night Renaissance singing group to join us (including Susan Middleton, also heard on the Myth Songs). This 12-inch vinyl record has become something of a cult classic. Dust off your phonograph and spin this eclectic platter to see how Myth Songs didn’t just come out of nowhere.

Bongo Bill (LP phonograph record, Titanic Ti-6 [1976]): $10.00

Works in progress/miscellaneous:

Here are MIDI files of some recent pieces, also available as sheet music, thanks to the marvelous Sibelius music-notation software:

Prelude XXXII: Is there a keyboard composer alive who doesn’t secretly envy Bach the 48 preludes and fugues of his Well-Tempered Clavier? My own 48 fugues are kind of ho-hum but the preludes are pretty enough, as here.

Ragtime Suite: “Fifth Wheel Rag”. One of six piano rags in six different time signatures, inspired and egged on by Glenn Jenks (see note on Fire in the Garden quartets above). As the title implies, this rag is in 5/4 time.

“Amherst”: A “fuging tune” in the early-American tradition of William Billings, Justin Morgan, et al., written as a setting of Emily Dickinson’s familiar poem on the evidence of things unseen, here played by electronic wind instruments.

“Jakes Jig”: A song celebrating the acquisition of a new seat from our local plumbers’ supply, “One that doesn’t wiggle around/Every time that you sit down.” See Harington, New Discourse on a Stale Subject (Fields: 1596.)

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